Beginners get easier access to the Arduino world with µDino.
Experts can work more efficient and comfortably with µDino.


Horizontal Navigation

In µDino you navigate by scrolling horizontally. This way you have fast access to all features. Because of this it also doesn't matter if you have little or a lot of screen space available. You can work efficiently either way.


All you projects now have a common place. There is no need to look for them in the Finder.

Serial Port

Choosing serial ports was always quite irritating. By choosing them automatically we get rid of this annoyance.

Arduino Boards

By adding all your boards you always know which project was last uploaded to which board.

Your Editor

Use the editor you are familiar with to to edit your projects.


The console gives you clear feedback when compiling or uploading your projects.

Serial Monitor

µDino visualizes the communication with the board in the well-known a chat structure.


Search for tutorials or tips right in µDino. You can instantly open tutorials as projects.

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Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later,
and the Arduino IDE

Deprecation warning: This project is no longer actively maintained